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Latest Sensational Horse Race Bets Handicapping  Tools
"...Nothing is substitute for Handicapping...."
 Tom Ainslie, author "Complete Guide to Thoroughbred Racing".

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aWhy would You Need to buy and use this Brand New Sensational, Spectacular Horse Handicapping Sheets products?    

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Horse Race Bets Handicapping DIY Sheet (DIY as Do-It-Yoursef)
HorseRaceBetHandicappingDIYsheet Best Horse Handicapping Tool
Click on image to see it larger!

Here How to Order!

Try by ordering Starter package - Folder with 10 Printed Blank Forms DIY 10 Handicapping Sheets(USA only) , Product#12310P101 ,   Regular Price$7.99, SalePrice$5.99, Sales Tax$0.49, Shipping$4.99,  Total $11.47USD ($1.15 each Sheet)!

Making Money horseplayers Order Printed Blank Forms DIY 50 Handicapping Sheets(USA only) here! Product#12310P102,Regular Price$24.99, SalePrice$19.99, Sales Tax$1.65,  Shipping$9.99,   Total $31.63USD( or 64cents each Sheet)!

Making Big Money horseplayers Order Printed Blank Forms DIY 100 Handicapping Sheets here! Product#12310P103, Regular Price$34.99,  SalePrice$29.99,  Sales Tax$2.47,   Shipping$14.99,     Total $47.45USD(or 47cents each Sheet)

Latest Sensational Horse Handicapping Make Simple, Fast, Easy Products!

Horse Race Bets Handicapping Sheet DIY(Do-It-Yoursef).

You can place much Better Bets and Win Thousands of Dollars! No matter if You Beginner or Regular HorseRacing Players! No matter on what Betting System You prefer! It is Easy, Simple, Fast to Become Horse Racing Handicapper with our Sensational product! Just fill out form with PP data, Look at Numbers, compare them and Pick horses contenders to Make You Big Money!

Horse Race Bets Handicapping Sheet LX.   
                          By Now only with this product You can beat the Top Best Handicappers, place much Better Bets and Win Thousands of Dollars! No matter if You Beginner or Regular HorseRacing Players! It is Easy,Simple,Fast to Become Horse Racing Handicapper with our Sensational product! Do Nothing! Can You  Have most of Fun, enjoyment and entertainment during betting on horses? Yes, You Can!! It is Very convenient - throw away all Your Daily Racing Forms, Track Programs! All data You need  in 1(one)page our Handicapping Sheet easy to view, that looks like Summary Table. Most important -You could have it delivered to Your email as photo in attachment to Your Mobile Touchscreen Phone (iPhone,Droid,others), iPad, Laptop while You are at Horse Racing Track!



 Horse Race Bets Handicapping Sheet LX
(LX as Luxury or Lazy Edition)
HorseRaceBetHandicappingSheetLX Best Horse Handicapping Product

Here How to Order!
Beginners and Regular Horse track players Order HERE Our PreFilled  Handicapping Sheet delivered Online 24-7 as picture  to Your PC or mobile Phone! Product#D12320941123M0P101, Regular Price$14.99,   SalePrice$9.99,  Sales Tax$0.00,   Shipping$0.00(free),   Total $9.99USD each race *.

*Now available only for selected horse races as Triple Crown, Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, Breeders Cup.

ATTENTION - Please Email to Your working email address without spam filters and always allowing files with large attachments through (like Yahoo Mail). We are not responsible for loss in delivery because of your email provider spam filters,other restrictions and regulations!

You can start Ordering online 24-7 at least 24hours beforeRace Day and  Delivery of Sheets in email stops at 1.00PM on race day!

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