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You Order here Now; make online Shoppinig and Purchases; simple, fast, easy Buy now online 24-7 process , complete ordering and Pay Online 24-7 through PAYPAL by using VISA, Mastercard, Discovery, AmericanExpress credit, debit cards, government issued purchase cards, business or personal bank accounts!

Accepting VISA, Mactercard, AmericanExpress, Discovery, Checks online 24-7Accepting HERE online 24-7 VISA, Mactercard, AmericanExpress, Discovery, government purchase cards, Checks!    Accepting HERE online 24-7 Government purchase credit and debit cards    

Your Order Fulfillment!
As You expect we will proceed with Your Order schedule, manufacturing, assemblying, packing, and delivery shortly as your payments will be verified .
Our representative will be in touch with You on Contracts signing(for special projects, solutions,services)delivery schedule,shipping and handling detailes, packages tracking numbers, other questions, info,confirmations.
All Your orders will be fullfiled with our company Best original Products, Services without any substitutes unless it is included in this customer order!
Shipping & Handling
You will not see calculations of Shipping and Handling (S&H) otherwise known as Delivery in our presented by Paypal shopping cart. Instead You will see upfront already calculated  Shipping and Handling Fee  in US dollars amount shown in products description.  
Answers to all Your questions and complete description on delivery time, delivery company, how to track all deliveries. Here are only Basic or regular products delivery details. For More Details on Solutions, Services, Special Projects delivery check our "Solutions", "Services" and "Products" pages!
Delivery by mail USPS -5..10 business days in USA; 2-3weeks International (some limitations)! You will track progress by USPS tracking number!
Delivery by parcel service -Fedex,UPS,DHL-5..10 business days in USA; 2-3weeks International(some limitations)!  You will track progress by  tracking number!
Delivery by email   1-2 hours for delivery to "Your Door" (computer) -address should work all the time, temporary turn filters off(if know how), turned off no attachments restrictions, enough free space for incoming email! Communicate to us the delivery progress!                                      Delivery of Services, Solutions  Solutions, Services, Special Projects delivery as specified in Project Agreement(Your choice of delivery remotely from Stream Information Brokers location(preffered) or work on client site).

Rush Delivery should be quoted and specified as needed date of delivery by You at submitting initial quote on regular or custom made,customized product,service,solution!

Internet Security

Stream Information Brokers claims NO liability for ANY lost,stolen YOUR PERSONAL INFO (billing,credit cards...) during communications, third party server hacking, other PUBLIC data access!!
User responsibility for own internet security -Always regular check YOUR PC, MAC, APPLE, IBM manufacturers and Operating Systems (OS) manufacturers Windows, Macintosh, Unix, Lunix for all and latest OS and Internet updates, upgrades, patches! Always maintain and use all installed antivirus, firewall... software!!Always use your OLD(used) computer for Internet (WORLD WIDE WEB)!!It will be cheaper to replace in case of damage by some internet virus, bugs!!

Company Policies
Here are only the short excerts of our Original company policies, terms and conditions (agreement, contract)! You will find Full Text for topics listed here on "Our Policies" page!

How to Order Now!

Here You'll find Exact Step by Step Guide to 5 minutes short complete make online order routine with secure payments transaction through our Shopping Cart.                                 1. Start one stop 1time shopping for all Your business and individual needs. Simply find our Original products, Regular Services, Standard Solutions with shown prices and add them to "Shopping Cart" by clicking "Add to Cart" paypal buttons.   2. "View Shopping Cart" button on top of each webpage and service by Paypal allows You to continue shopping for other our products, services by jumping from page to page or proceed to "Checkout" to order, make paymens online.  Your purchases will remain in  current shopping cart  even if you would start do something else on internet.                        3.  You can start and finish to order, make paymens online in 3-5 munutes! Make Your Payments completely anonimous through famous PayPal as it member,or with Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, AmericanExpress credit cards(instantly), bank checking account(needed 3-5 days for Paypal to confirm,clear check payments). Please Recheck again the correct Shipping Address. Do not forget to Print(copy) Paypal payment confirmation page with Transaction Confirmation Number! Save it for Your Records.                        4.  Your Order will be processed in nolater than 24 hours. Your Order will be shipped and delivered according to chosen,paid by You delivery service(See "Delivery" paragraph here) straight to Your Door! More info on time for shipment arrived, tracking, other questions See "Fullfillment" paragraph here!                                                            5. To Order Customized,Custom made, "On-Demand","On the Go" products, services, solutions please Submit Your Quote with correct Title(as it specified in our advertisement, website),Full details on differences between ,what we have in Regular products,services and what you need. Please supply with expected size of budget to be used, deadlines for start,finish or delivery,other specific conditions!         6.  Our company Departments will evaluate Your Quote, prepare and contact You with Proposal on specific project(detailed preliminary estimates included).Then You will need to review Stream Information Brokers Proposal and contact us for changes,adjustments, additional stuff to order,other suggestions. Stream Information Brokers will revize Proposal to Your satisfaction. After You will agree and sign the agreement(contract) just complete Your Order, Pay Orders online at website Make Your Payments completely anonimous through famous PayPal as it member, or with Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express credit cards(instantly), bank checking account(needed 3-5 days for Paypal to confirm, clear check payments).

Company Guarantees

Stream Information Brokers guarantee 100% Your satisfaction as customer.

Stream Information Brokers guarantee to sell You only the Best known on market  and matched exactly the needs on Your Project our company and other third party manufacturers products, services and solutions!

Stream Information Brokers guarantee to perform it best on ordered services,solution inside the limits of Your suggested and agreed upon any size budget.

We guarantee the Best Quality of all Original products,services,solutions. 

Stream Information Brokers guarantees the Complete fullfillment of  orders on customized, custom made products, services, solutions.


 Our Prices on Regular Products, Services.         You see here on website only the Samples of prices. No changes to those prices if You shop for products and services without any customizing start shopping right now and Order, Purchase, Buy Online, Pay Online buy clicking "Add to Cart" button to place purchases in Your Shopping Cart. This provided by PAYPAL shopping cart gives You opportunity to "Continue Shopping" or Checkout, Pay and Leave. You could 1stop shop here by looking for different products on different pages of our website by pressing "Continue Shopping" button. Your selection of previously chosen purchases will remain in shopping cart untill You prepared to Pay!                     If you want product or service to be customized please email us with details of expected changes and customizing. Our representatives are standing by to follow Your Quote with price estimates!  Did not see anything You need here and on whole website? Please contact us by email with any questions on smallest details.
Your Sales Tax 
All Your orders on regular or custom made,customized products    will be taxed for all 50 states and international customers.  We are buying different materials for manufacturing those products and paying Taxes. We want some compensation from You for our non primary expences! You will not see calculations of Tax in our presented by Paypal shopping cart. Instead You will see already calculated 8.25% tax in US dollars  amount shown in products description.     

All Your orders on regular or custom made,customized services or solutions as labor only  will  not be taxed. However included in those orders regular or custom made,customized products will be taxed for all 50 states and international customers.You will see those taxes in Your Estimates (quote)!

Privacy Policy!

We don't maintain any databases with all YOUR CONFIDENTIAL PERSONAL INFO (billing, credit cards numbers, others...) in created user accounts! All submited YOUR PERSONAL INFO is going from PAYPAL form as You had filled it up straight only to YOUR BANK for processing and payment confirmation! YOUR BANK confirms to PAYPAL  the acceptance of electronic payments by You with credit cards, checking acounts. Only after this the PAYPAL releases to Stream Information Brokers amount of money paid, Title of product, service ordered, name of person as shown on PAYPAL electronic payment, shipping address! We do not keep any of this limited info longer ,that it needed to process and successfull delivery ordered items. Stream Information Brokers uses company PAYPAL account to keep Records of  all transactions for all customer service and accounting purposes! We cannot access and, or collect ANY YOUR CONFIDENTIAL, PERSONAL INFO!
Term & Conditions
You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Stream Information Brokers company, it subsidiaries, resellers, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, consultants and agents from any and all third party claims, liability, damages and/or costs (including, but not limited to, attorneys fees) arising from your use of our services, your violation of the Terms of Service or your infringement, or infringement by any other user of your account, of any intellectual property or other right of any person or entity. You will find Full Text  on "Terms" page.

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