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Here is the Amazing New 2019 Book Top 100 Best Computer User Tips by Top Expert!
Maybe you are the long time computer user and think about yourself as expert!  Then you are invited here to join CROWD SOURCING campaign and
contribute your own favorite tips and your vision on top100 list
in order to help rank the top100 best tips, write and compile tips by their popularity and importance to majority advanced and beginners computing devices users!  Get VIP Rewards!  Simply email tips, content to streaminfobrokers(at) !
The book author and Stream Information Brokers company as book publisher are invited the computing devices and software manufacturers, distributors, retailers, all interested businesses, institutions and individuals to join CROWD FUNDING campaign to help creating, writing, publishing and marketing this one of kind amazing book.
Please check out the list of VIP rewards to donors below!

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CROWD FUNDING campaign Rewards
Your Pledge Options!
Contribution,Pledge $200     Three books, Three DVDs,
Contribution,Pledge $100     Two books, Two DVDs!
Contribution,Pledge $75     One book, One DVD, One Report!
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Unique Best Advantages
1.Exclusive ownership over never published anywhere in one publication  all top 100 best computer use tips.
 2. Exclusive most simple, fast, easy and cheap access to never published  in one publication the all top 100 best computer tips by top expert on computers.
3. Save, make a lot of money with simplified studying, learning and practical use all best tips you did not know or know very little about their importance.
4. The best experts and top authority on Computing had already compared and ranked the world's top 100 best Tips for you in this amazing book to help fully enjoy life and have most pleasure, fun and entertainment.
5. Now you could win money  in thousands dollars while  participating in different game shows, street competitions  by refer straight to this book as the source for answers in debates, disputes, TV game shows like the "Jeopardy", others.

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Introducing New Book

Book Top 100 Best Tips by Expert on Computers

Book List Price $25.00USD
Book Title Top 100 Best Computer Tips from Top Expert;                               Author  Mr. Roman Slepyan;    Publisher Stream Info Brokers   Book Imprint: Printed on Demand (POD) by ;  Publication Date: XX/XX/ XX; ISBN  ;               Book Page Count: 300  ;              Book Binding Type: US Trade Paper (Paperback);                    Book Trim Size: 6" x 9";  Language: English ;                   Print Color: Black and White;  Related Categories: Computing/  Reference/Self-Help/Shopping/
Hardware DIY/Software DIY  Information Technology

Question:  How to 100% guarantee to buy, get hands on this book in limited to 10000 copies first print?

Answer: Simply Pre-order the book with $0.00 down(now) by submit your name, email with short online form on top of page

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 CROWD SOURCING campaign Rewards
Mention, printing your names in this book

Place your Tips in this book-become contributor-get full recognition with more about you

Help editing tips -Get elite VIP discount up to 15% off on order book copies

Most active contributors with help in ranking top100 tips, compiling whole book -mention as experts with more about you and VIP discount up to 15 off on order unlimited number book copies.

Book Author Interview
 Check out the transcript of  Interview with Author  in book Media Kit

Book Author  Bio
Check out the Author Biography  online 24-7 at  Amazon Author Central via next URL link

Best of Kind Benefits

1. Become popular as one of the experts on use the computers through most quick and easy access to the exclusive and never published before in one place specific information  on top 10 best computer use tips.
2. The most easy, simple, fast, cheapest and least time consuming way to much more success in socializing and networking with computer users just by using everything in this one the encyclopedia style guide!
3.  Get even more success in building relationships for career and life with this amazing book as Perfect Gifts to anybody at any holiday, celebration, event, occasion.                                           4. Save your time-stop research over web, have much more time for enjoying the pleasures, fun, entertainment as you would find  just everything in this one place inside the encyclopedia style guide!                                             5.  Make money in thousands dollars in those days, weeks, months instead of wasting efforts, time for looking up, search on the web and street  through thousands different websites and printed sources for data already available in 1minute inside this book!  

ATTENTION!  All this book copies as rewards would be delivered in 10 business days after book publishing and first print!

The computers had already become the one of the ordinary household items only 25 years after
the creation by Microsoft the Windows 95 Operating System.  Now every long time computer user
would count themselves as some kind of professional or even expert.   Because of this the author of upcoming book invited computer users to SHARE  their favorite tips for computer use with many billions other computer users globally.  In is quite simple.  You would submit Your Favorite Tips to Stream Info Brokers, book Author in the CROWD SOURCING campaign that started on September 2, 2018 and continue through December 2018!   The all active participants in  campaign would really help the author of book to compile the new book with the real life most popular and absolutely best  tips for most advanced and beginners computer users with final product would become the Best Textbook and Best Reference Guide on the smart use of computers for  many next generations of  computing devices users!  You would be VIP rewarded for active participating in CROWD SOURCING!  Please check out the list of rewards and join the campaign HERE NOW!

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