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Crowdfunding Campaign
You are invited here now to make the Pledge, contribute to our crowdfunding campaign for two amazing books:
-Full Color Book Top10 World Best Fastest Sports Exotic Supercars Guide;
-book Top10 Best Fastest SportsExotic Supercars and Hybrid Cars!
The books' author Mr.Roman Slepyan and books' publisher the Stream Information Brokers company just launched the amazing crowdfunding campaign! We are seeking to RAISE $10,000.00 or more in total during the 90-120 days campaign! Pledge, contribute now to this campaign at the best of your financial abilities and get instantly rewarded with the unique REWARDS shown below including bestseller books, DVDs, Special Reports on CDs, other brand new items not sold yet anywhere else  on the street or internet!
But wait, there is even more REWARDS for backers in this crowdfunding!
 The Backers, Contributors with help in talking, buzzing, spreading the word about this campaign and the results to get other people pledge in this crowdfunding would become the members of our VIP customers club with exclusive VIP up to 20% discounts on sold products, services, many other VIP exclusive perks, rewards!
Super Backers with the extra large pledges, contributions beyond the size of top level pledges would be able to be proactive and participate, suggest their own campaign to promote their causes while having full collaboration by book author and company publisher!

Accepting VISA, Mactercard, AmericanExpress, Discovery, Checks online 24-7Accepting HERE online 24-7 VISA, Mactercard, AmericanExpress, Discovery, government purchase cards, Checks!    Accepting HERE online 24-7 Government purchase credit and debit cards    
Your Pledges here now online 24-7 directly  to book publisher Stream Info Brokers 100% are totally safe and secure through PAYPAL in our site shopping cart totally anonimously (your PAYPAL acct) or with credit and debit cards, online check (use bank account, add time for finish transaction)! ATTENTION! Made a break while pledging here! No problems!  Simply return and  continue the transaction here while the already checked out pledge will remain in shopping cart(view cart button here at top of webpage) to finish your transaction!
Book Crowdfunding Campaign
Color Book Top10 Best Fastest Supercars Guide
Full color book-coming soon!

Your Pledge Options!
Contribution,Pledge $100     Two books, Two DVDs!
Contribution,Pledge $200     Three books, Three DVDs, Three Special Reports!
Unique Best Advantages
1.Exclusive ownership over not sold anywhere REWARDS .
 2. Exclusive most simple, fast, easy and cheap access to VIP shopping with largest discounts  in our estore, whole website.
3. Most Simplified instant gratification with REWARDS (except finished book) sent to
pledges makers instantly in comparison with Kickstarter, IndieGoGo terms to reward backers after finish the campaign

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Top10 Best Fastest Cars Bestseller Book
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Check out Listed here and then on whole website many  Awesome Best products to request as your Ultimate Rewards! 

 Already sold our products would be delivered to you right now in 5-10 business days during this campaign!  No waiting 90-120 days! 

Please Pledge, Donate, give money Gift, Contribute Here Now!

Your Pledge Options!

Contribution,Pledge $60     One book, One DVD!

Contribution,Pledge $75     One book, One DVD, One Report!

2017 Book How Get Rich Quick. 100 Best Ways Guide

Bestseller Book Top10 Best Elite luxury Cars

450 pages;  Price $25.00USD


BookTop10 Best Elite Luxury Cars

170 pages;  Price $25.00USD

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  Book Crowdfunding Campaign
Book Top10 Best Fastest Supercars and Hybrids

Regular Book-coming very soon!

Book Author Portfolio
 Check out the list of other books already on sale globally through Amazon -Europe, Amazon -US, BarnesNoble, BooksAMillion,  other largest international books stores chains.
ATTENTION!  You could ask to send  these books as REWARDS for  money pledged,  or  purchase separately with VIP discount up to 20 % off list price also included in our rewards to all pledge makers, supporters, backers!

Your Pledge Options!
Contribution,Pledge $15     One Special Report!
Contribution,Pledge $35     One book!
Contribution,Pledge $50     One book, One Report!
Best of Kind Benefits

1. Become more popular, get more publicity as one of largest pledge makers, contributors in crowdfunding  of book top 10 best elite luxury cars.
2. The cheapest and least time consuming way to much more success in socializing and networking with many cars fans just by talking, buzzing about this crowdfunding campaign!
3.  Get even more success in building relationships for career and life with all REWARDS as Perfect Gifts to anybody at any holiday, celebration, event, occasion.   

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100 Best Car Tips Secrets of Car Industry Book

Special Reports
Special Report 10 Best Elite Luxury Cars
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Thank you for your great interest in crowdfunding and supporting, backing up with your contributions, pledges the Book Author and Book Publisher company in their writing, publishing, printing and producing, manufacturing  the unique books, ebooks, other printed and digital infoproducts and multimedia products, computer software!   Those raised money would go in amount of $2,000.00 on Book writing,printing, book cover design. Around  $3,000.00 would go on order-produce and delivery the REWARDS to backers! Remaining money would be used strictly to promote this book!
This crowdfunding campaign is quite different from the campaigns by Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, other famous and popular crowdfunding sites because all REWARDS are paid for in full and delivered to you DURING the campaign in 5-7business days after your electronic pledge here now!  All offered here discounts would be processed electronically and money refunded, sent to your PAYPAL accounts at once after rewards, purchases have been shipped! The difference is that Stream Info Brokers would use the money from received pledges to send rewards while Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, other sites would receive money from your pledges now but release money from your pledges to book author in 90-120 days after campaign is over!
Stream Info Brokers would not tied up with money funds to print, produce, manufacture and ship your rewards as promised!  Your contributions, pledges are just for that and for producing this book!
ATTENTION! Your pledging here is the direct automatic accepting of all Stream Info Brokers company, terms, conditions, policies that maybe not mentioned here!
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